Village of Amityville, New York

  • Up, Up & Away at the Independence Day Parade!

  • Summer at Amityville Beach

  • Amityville named Town of Babylon Breakfast Capitol

  • Scenes of Winter in Amityville

  • Green Spaces in Amityville

BOT Approved Minutes

Below are BOT approved minutes.

10-24-16BoTMinutes445.3 KiB156
9-26-16BoTMinutes (2)386.7 KiB209
8-8-16BoTMinutes390.3 KiB241
6-27-16BoTMinutes348.2 KiB231
7-11-16BoTMinutes302.0 KiB269
6-13-16BoTMinutes614.3 KiB174
BoTMinutes5-23-16427.6 KiB262
5-9-16BoTMinutes355.1 KiB275
4-25-16BoTMinutes (2)297.6 KiB280
4-11-16BoTMinutes425.0 KiB250