Village of Amityville, New York

  • Up, Up & Away at the Independence Day Parade!

  • Summer at Amityville Beach

  • Amityville named Town of Babylon Breakfast Capitol

  • Scenes of Winter in Amityville

  • Green Spaces in Amityville

BOT Tentative Agendas/Abstracts

Below are the Tentative Agendas and Abstracts

4-24-2017 BoT Agenda194.6 KiB52
04-18-17 Voucher Abstract534.4 KiB22
4-17-17 BoT Agenda26.8 KiB61
BoT Agenda - 4-10-2017197.7 KiB63
Abstract For March 22-April 4 2017653.6 KiB45
4-3-17 BoT Special Agenda176.3 KiB57
3-27-17-BoT Agenda197.8 KiB106
3-27-17 Voucher Abstract Of Claims655.6 KiB66
3-13-2017 BoT Agenda200.3 KiB98
3-13-2017 Voucher Abstract628.2 KiB84
2-27-17BoTAgenda-final206.9 KiB113
02-27-17 Voucher Abstract707.4 KiB97
2-9-17 Special Meeting Agenda- BOT218.9 KiB120
02-07-17 Voucher Abstract814.6 KiB110
1-23-17 BoT Agenda207.8 KiB151
1-23-17VoucherAbstract311.2 KiB113
1-9-17 Voucher Abstract1.5 MiB124
1-9-17 BoT Agenda190.3 KiB148
12-12-16BoTAgenda189.2 KiB146
12-12-16 Voucher Abstract658.7 KiB126
11-28-16 Voucher Abstract832.7 KiB145
11-28-16BoTAgenda192.2 KiB153
11-14-16BoTAgenda195.6 KiB155
11-14-16 Voucher Abstract1.2 MiB139
10-24-16BoTAgenda199.0 KiB238
10-24-16VoucherAbstract1.7 MiB219
9-26-16BoTAgenda215.3 KiB204
9-26-16VoucherAbstract612.7 KiB184
9-12-16VoucherAbstract1.3 MiB197
9-12-16BoTMeeting53.5 KiB223
8-8-2016BoTAgenda192.3 KiB251
8-8-16voucherabsract1.0 MiB212
7-11-16BoTAgendaResolution131.1 KiB224
RecordofClaims7-11-16486.3 KiB227
6-27-16Agenda188.9 KiB273
VoucherAbstract6-27-16578.1 KiB239
6-13-16BoTAgenda195.8 KiB257
6-13-16 Voucher Abstract390.6 KiB248
5-23-16BoTAgendawithResLaws365.4 KiB278
VoucherAbstract5-23-1667.0 KiB256
5-09-16BoTAgenda190.7 KiB287
5-9-16VoucherAbstract319.0 KiB247
2016BeachHires35.9 KiB232
4-25-16BoTAgenda190.8 KiB257
4-25-2016 Voucher Abstract192.3 KiB282
4-11-16 BoT Agenda191.2 KiB293
4-11-16 Voucher Abstract117.9 KiB253
3-28-16BoTAgendaFinal192.3 KiB281
3-28-16VoucherAbstract534.3 KiB280
3-14-16BoTAgendaWLocalLaws3-6187.0 KiB263
3-14-16 VoucherAbstract621.6 KiB265
BOT Agenda 2-22-16 Final154.0 KiB317
2-22-16VoucherAbstract43.4 KiB259
2-8-16BotAgenda157.7 KiB366
2-8-16VoucherAbstract202.7 KiB288
1-25-16BoTagendaResAndLL123.4 KiB288
1-25-16TreasurersAbstract515.3 KiB332
1-11-16BoTAgendawithResolution&LocalLaw213.8 KiB308
1-11-16VoucherAbstract1.0 MiB292
12-14-15BoTAgendawithLawResolution126.8 KiB321
12-14-15VoucherAbstract140.7 KiB287
11-23-15BoTAgendawithLocalLaw51.6 KiB316
11-23-15Voucher167.5 KiB363
11-9-15BOTAgendaWithResolution58.1 KiB325
11-9-15 Treasurer'sAbstract366.8 KiB300
10-26-15BoTAgenda-Resolution&LocalLaw205.0 KiB357
10-26-15-VoucherAbstract579.9 KiB330
9-28-15BOTAgendaWithLocalLaw105.7 KiB421
Abstract for 9-28-2015243.2 KiB282
9-14-15-BOT Agenda200.0 KiB443
Abstract for 9-14-2015671.3 KiB304
Abstract Of Audited Vouchers 8-12-1522.3 KiB330
Abstract for 8-12-2015627.9 KiB334
8-12-15- BOT AGENDA 19.8 KiB636
7-13-15- BOT AGENDA 194.6 KiB439
Abstract For 7-13-2015519.0 KiB315
BOT AGENDA 6-22-1519.0 KiB669
Abstract for 6-22-201536.6 KiB358
BOT Agenda 6-8-1517.6 KiB892
Abstract for 6-8-2015764.1 KiB700
Board of Trustees tentative agenda 5-11-15193.8 KiB964
Abstract for 5-11-15459.4 KiB340
Agenda for 4-27-2015230.6 KiB486
Asbtract for 4-27-2015739.7 KiB387
Agenda for 4-13-15223.0 KiB491
Board of Trustees Agenda 3-23-1583.9 KiB516
Abstract for 3-23-2015689.7 KiB614
Board of Trustees Agenda 3-9-2015226.2 KiB513
Agenda for Special Board of Trustees Meeting 2-27-201593.8 KiB436
Board of Trustees Agenda 2-23-2015469.7 KiB604
Abstract for 2-23-2015368.9 KiB428
Board of Trustees Agenda 2-9-201577.0 KiB372
Abstract for 2-9-2015174.3 KiB404
BoT Agenda 01-26-1519.5 KiB498
Abstract for 1-26-2015351.6 KiB396
BoT Agenda 01-12-1519.4 KiB505
Abstract for 1-12-2015776.1 KiB474
BoT Tentative Agenda 12-22-201453.4 KiB534
Proposed LL #4 And #5 10-27-14 Mtg80.2 KiB520