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Mayor’s Message and COVID-19 Updates

Click on the headline above for frequent messages from Mayor Siry and helpful COVID-19 crisis information. To see Suffolk County’s interactive COVID-19 map Click this link to view the map. Hovering over  “Amagansett” on the town listing (upper right of screen) displays Amityville cases. 

If you should need emergency medical attention, our Fire and Police personnel are here for you as always. However, it is imperative that you communicate any COVID-19 symptoms or exposure at the time of your call for help (Tel 631-264-0400).  This is to ensure the safety of our first responders whom we count on for vital services, especially at this time of heightened need and uncertainty.

See the info on financial assistance for those who have lost jobs and for small businesses (see update dated 4-4-20), as well as the many mental health and other resources available to help get you through challenging times.

NYS Dept. of Motor Vehicles has closed their offices but check their website for online services and  extensions on licenses/registrations that expire in March.  Playgrounds in the Village are closed, however, our parks remain open for your enjoyment (remember to keep 6-foot distancing). Additional information will be provided as it becomes available.

Stay well everyone.
Mayor’s Message 7-6-2020

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