How do I obtain a Disabled Person Parking Permit?

There are two types of Disabled Parking Permits available to Amityville Residents - Permanent and Temporary. Both can be applied for initially by filling out the DMV 644.1 application. View the Disabled Parking Application (PDF). When applying for the first time, your doctor must fill out the medical certification portion of the form. On the form, the physician will indicate if it is a permanent disability or temporary. If temporary, they will indicate the time period that the permit will be valid. This form is then returned to Village Hall where a permit will be issued.

Renewals: Permanent parking permits are renewable every four years. Renewals are done with the same application. The first permanent renewal does not require medical certification, however, the second renewal does require medical certification. For temporary permits, if the permit has expired, the application must be resubmitted with medical certification.

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