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Can I park my car overnight on the street in the Village of Amityville?

No. Parking on Village streets from 3 AM to 6 AM is illegal. However, if the resident can demonstrate a need for on-street parking, three permissions a year per residence will be granted by calling the Police (631-264-0400) before 3 AM on the date requested. Permission may be granted for, but  not limited to: visiting guest, dumpsters in the driveway, disabled motor vehicles, driveway work, etc. If more than three permissions a year are needed, or an extended period of time is required, permission from the Village Board must be requested. The  Village Board may, at its discretion, issue an overnight parking permit on a case by case basis.  OVERNIGHT PERMISSION WILL NOT BE GRANTED DURING SNOW EMERGENCIES.

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Village of Amityville, New York