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How long does it take code enforcement to handle complaints about compliance regarding high grass and garbage/debris accumulation?

These types of complaints are difficult for code enforcement to obtain compliance and frustrating for the complainants waiting for compliance.   The system works like this:   A.   A complaint is lodged against a particular property.   Code enforcement investigates and sustains the complaint (usually  5 to  7 working days).   B.   Code enforcement sends a notice of violation via certified mail/return receipt to the violator (usually 3 to 5 working days).   C.   Code enforcement waits for verification via the post office that the notice was received by the violator (usually two (2) weeks).   D.   After verification is received, then seven (7) working days later if the violation has not been complied, Amityville Department of Public Works is ordered to clean the property (usually 5 to 7 working days later).   Should the verification of receipt of the notice of violation not be received, the property must then be posted by a licensed process server.   Then seven (7) working days later the Amityville Department of Public Works can be ordered to clean the property.   Therefore, should the violator not clean his/her property immediately after receiving the notice of violation, compliance could and usually does take about four (4) to six (6) weeks at best.   Please note that due process of law must be followed for each separate event, even if the property has been previously served/posted with a violation.

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