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Drivers and pedestrians are advised that beginning tomorrow night, Thursday, June 9, 2016 NY Route 110 northbound and southbound traffic over NY Route 27/Sunrise Highway will be shifted onto the temporary bridges that were constructed during off-peak day and night time hours over the past several weeks in the Town of Babylon, Suffolk County. Between Washington and Dixon avenues, signs, temporary pavement and concrete barriers will guide motorists through the traffic shift onto the temporary bridges.  A temporary crosswalk constructed at South Drive will guide pedestrians to the southbound temporary bridge sidewalk to cross over NY Route 110.  The northbound sidewalk will be closed and both northbound and southbound pedestrians will use the southbound temporary bridge.

Once traffic is shifted to the temporary bridges, the existing NY Route 110 Bridge will be demolished and replaced.   To accomplish this, eastbound and/or westbound a single travel lane will be closed on NY Route 27/Sunrise Highway between the hours of 10 a.m. and 3 p.m. Between 10 p.m. and 6 a.m., a single and/or double lane travel lane may be closed in one or both directions.  At least one travel lane in each direction of NY 27/Sunrise Highway will remain open to traffic.  However, for the safety of motorists NY 27/Sunrise Highway may be completely closed very briefly in both directions occasionally at night to maneuver construction equipment.  If necessary during these brief closures, queued traffic will be guided to a short detour around the construction site using local roads then back to NY 27/Sunrise Highway. These off-peak day and night time closures are expected to be in effect weather permitting, Monday through Friday through January 2017.

These closures are weather dependent and may be canceled or postponed due to inclement weather.  Drivers are being warned in advance of the closings via electronic road signs but should plan to take alternate routes to avoid delays.  Emergency service providers, local businesses, neighborhood schools, elected officials and the Town of Babylon are being notified of these NY Route 27/Sunrise Highway midday and night travel lane closures. Additional travel advisories will be issued as the project progresses.

These closures are part of the $23 million project to replace the NY Route 110 Bridge over NY Route 27/Sunrise Highway in the Town of Babylon, Suffolk County. This design-build project will improve safety for pedestrians, bicyclists and the approximately 90,000 motorists who travel over and under this bridge each day.  The bridge is being completely replaced with a new, wider span that will feature larger shoulders and a sidewalk to improve safety.  In addition, the new bridge will have increase vertical clearance above NY Route 27 to help reduce the possibility of trucks striking the bridge.  The project also includes reconstruction of the roadway approaches to the bridge, new traffic signals, signs, guide rails, pavement and pavement markings.

Village of Amityville, New York