Village of Amityville, New York

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Planning Board Minutes

The following is a list of Current Year Planning Board Minutes

Dec 2021 Planning Board Minutes0.5 MiB131
Nov 2021 Planning Board Minutes Approved0.7 MiB141
September 2021 Minutes0.2 MiB134
August 2021 PB Minutes0.2 MiB157
July 1 2021 PB Minutes Approved0.2 MiB152
June 2021 Minutes0.4 MiB213
March 2021 PB Minutes0.5 MiB191
Feb 2021 PB Minutes0.6 MiB212
November 2020 PB Minsutes0.6 MiB170
October 1, 2020 PB Minutes0.7 MiB258


Village of Amityville, New York