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Sunrise Highway/Route 110 Overpass Update

In anticipation of the installation of the temporary crosswalk at NY Rte 110, we have scheduled the following dates to begin work, and is subject to change due to weather:

  1. Date(s) of the removal of existing curb/sidewalk/median, etc.This work is anticipated to start Friday April 22 in the area between the one and off ramps.  Center Median work is scheduled to begin Thursday April 28.
  2. Date(s) of new concrete for temporary curbed ramps.This will done after the pole and signal work is complete. Middle of the week of May 2nd.
  3. Date(s) of the installation of temporary poles/signals, etc. This will start on Monday April 25th.  Hinck will be performing this work.
  4. Date that the signals will be activated and the  temporary crosswalk is opened to the public. We anticipate the temporary crosswalk will be complete and open on Monday May 9th.

Village of Amityville, New York