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Syrian Refugees in Amityville

There is a lot of talk, especially on Facebook, about Syrian refugees coming to Amityville. In order to get clarification on this issue, which has the potential of impacting our Village’s safety, my office has reached out to several local authorities.  Here is what we have found out:

Catholic Charities, of Schleigel Boulevard in North Amityville, is prepared to process 10-15 Syrian families, but not at its headquarters, which is an office not a residence.  Rather, Catholic Charities seeks to place these families within local communities, guaranteeing the landlord’s rent and the family’s other necessary expenses until the family can “be on its own.”    

To date, Catholic Charities has not received any request or direction from the Federal Government with respect to housing for Syrian refugees.   Although Catholic Charities would not be required to place the families in only Amityville, it is reasonable to presume that they would reach out to local communities, where available properties may be.    

My staff also reached out to Congressman Peter King, who has voiced strong concerns on this matter.  Click here to read Congressman King’s letter to the President.  On Sunday, Village Board members were invited to endorse a letter to the State Department expressing our objection to relocating Syrian refugees in Amityville.  Please click here to read that letter.    

Though my Administration is concerned with much-feared “Trojan Horse” scenario, we also care and have compassion toward the to the plight of those who are suffering the tremendous hardships of war.    As such, if you would like to join me in donating via the United Nations Refugee Agency, please do so by clicking here.



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