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Zoning Board Minutes

Below are the Approved Zoning Board of Appeals Minutes – Current Year

Please go to the Document Center for Past Minutes

ZBA Minutes June 16, 20220.2 MiB8
ZBA Minutes May 26, 20220.7 MiB41
ZBA Minutes April 28, 20220.4 MiB28
Jan 2022 ZBA Minutes0.3 MiB56
March 2022 ZBA Minutes0.3 MiB59
Mintues December 16 20210.2 MiB84
Mintues November 18th 20210.2 MiB99
Mintues Sept 16 20210.2 MiB80
Mintues July 20210.2 MiB112
Mintues June 20210.2 MiB181



Village of Amityville, New York